All services will be streamed on Facebook Live and YouTube.

Sunday School – 9:30am
Sunday Radio Broadcast (WVON 1690 & iHeart Radio) – 11:00pm
Power Prayer Line (Monday & Wednesday) – 12:00pm
Wednesday Night Bible Study – 7:00pm
Children’s Time on Saturday – 3:00pm

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First Church of Deliverance is a church for all people.  Therefore, you are welcome to join us for all of our services and gatherings, both in-person and virtually. We strive to be a dynamic, ever-expanding community of love and service that facilitates growth in our current members, invites others to come to faith in Jesus Christ, and welcome them into the life of the church. All we do is designed with you in mind.

The Mission of First Church of Deliverance helps persons grow in their relationship by addressing the needs of the total person: to God through faith in Jesus Christ, to one another, and the larger community, as we implement ministries that make known the Kingdom of God on Earth. We are a church of broad interests originating from our deep love for

God and the justice God brings to every human condition.

We do so by effectively ministering the Word of God through preaching, teaching, healing, and prophesy in worship, music, in-reach, and outreach as we address the needs of the total person. We do so through our commitment to praise, worship, stewardship, discipleship, education, evangelism and outreach, spiritual and economic development, and civic engagement.

Won’t you take the time to get to know us better?  We are here to serve you.

Pastor James R. Bryson, Jr.



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